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World According to Matt

                         Where the Mysteries of Autism are Revealed One Story at a Time

Matt meets Vice-President, Joe Biden!

Yep, we went to Spiller Elementary School in Wytheville, Virginia to hear and see Vice President Joe Biden. After waiting 4 hours - on our feet - Joe arrived. During the speech Matt took picture after picture. Then at the end of the speech, VP Biden stayed to shake hands and meet the people. Not only did Joe shake Matt's hand - he signed Matt's t-shirt. Matt is a big fan of Obama / Biden and this event brought more happiness than anyone realizes. Thanks Joe, for putting that beautiful smile on my son's face today!  

Joe signed Matt's t-shirt. We framed it and it is now hanging in Matt's bedroom. He is so excited - what a great experience! 

Welcome Joe!

August 14, 2012 - the visit to Wytheville, Virginia.

Vice-President Joe Biden

 Alicia Ring (classmate from high school) was there also - too cool!

The event of the summer - for Matt!

Matt - on Google Images of the event

The signed t-shirt!

 From left to right: Matt, Tom and I

Global Visitors

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