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Autism and the World According to Matt


Matt drawing in his room - age 7

  I knew Matt was artistic from early on. He loved looking at things from all perspectives and went through reams of paper per week. He would draw on the back of all of his homework papers and in class assignments.Drawing became his passion.

Yet, he could not draw pictures of landscapes or people. Instead he focused on trains and power lines. I soon noticed that he had an interest in animation and explained to him that he would have to learn to draw other objects in order to animate an entire scene and he began to notice more of his world. He practiced drawing hands, faces, eyes, chairs, buildings and others. Drawing tablets became a "have to have" item and he collected different types of pencils, erasers, and straight edges. Take a look at his progression in the artwork photo album and read the blog on World According to Matt - Art Transforms a Mind.

Matt's Artwork

Matt is holding one of his drawings of the firemen at ground zero after 9/11


Free hand from memory


(it took him less than 15 minutes to complete).

Less than 5 minutes to draw


(he was in the sun and "too hot" to draw).


Photography - an eye for patterns and light.

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