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Exceptional People with Autism

This page is dedicated to those that show us that people with autism - a disability in social interaction and communication - also have some wonderful talents and gifts. I showed these to my son, Matt, to help him see that autism is not just a disability. Autism means "exceptional" and special". His wonderful reaction to viewing the talents of other autistic people brought about the idea for this page.

Matt knows he is different. He knows I see him as both exceptional and special. After viewing these video clips and reading these stories Matt now sees himself as special too.

If you know of a video or story for this page please send me the link.

David Patton - author, "Dummy - a memoir"

David, dyslexic and autistic, took me on a wonderful, heartfelt journey of his early years in his new book, "Dummy - a memoir". The voice of the young David was loud, strong and full of emotion. I found myself right there with him

in the dim halls of his alternative school awaiting trouble by those that would bully him, right there jumping the fence with him as he sought to get away from his emotionally damaged and very angry girl friend, and even felt the cold panic of being trapped in a snow tunnel by his brother. I was amazed at his recall of his childhood and was impressed by his ability to bare it all to the world. Unable to read or write, David dictated his story as an example of the struggles and the triumphs of his youth. The only draw back? I want more! David is again dictating a book, this next one on his adult life - and I am looking forward to reading about how he overcame the numerous obstacles laid before him in adulthood. David Patton is a voice of struggle and hope - shedding light onto the emotional price of having a disability.

Kyle Coleman - non-verbal, but can sing!

Kyle's autism has kept him almost mute all his life - that is until mom took him to music therapy in 2009. Now, at age 25, Kyle will be releasing his first album on Autism Awareness Day this April. His voice in song is amazing - perfect pitch and strong. Go Kyle! Great instincts, mom!

David Militello- singer

David was a contestant on America's Got Talent in 2008. At 9 years old, David won the hearts of Americans in his rendition of the Jackson Five song, "Ben". A beautiful child and a beautiful voice - watch the youtube performance ofDavid Militello.

Tony drake - R&B singer and guitarist

"Tony Drake is blind and autistic, but plays Blues and R&B like nobody's business. Stinging guitar licks and a true soul sound is what he's all about". Listen to him play - The Tony Drake Story.

James Hobley - exceptional dancer!

James was a finalist in the 2011 Britain's Got Talent. Watch this wonderful performance of self expression through dance - James Hobley

Daniel Tammet - math wiz

"Daniel Tammet is a twenty-something with extraordinary mental abilities, Daniel is one of the world’s few savants. He can do calculations to 100 decimal places in his head, and learn a language in a week. This documentary follows Daniel as he travels to America to meet the scientists who are convinced he may hold the key to unlocking similar abilities in everyone".

Jason McElwain - Autistic Kid Owns the Court

A coach puts in his team's manager, a young autistic boy named Jason, in for the last 4 minutes of a basketball game and the young man catches fire - sinking six 3-pointers back to back! Absolutely amazing and inspiring video! To watch and cheer for Jason, as this

Blue Light Club

Alan Stokes' Blogger site has a special area called the "Blue Lights Club". Very exceptional people on the spectrum. Check out the Blue Lights

Kyle Forbes - hero

A local 10-year-old boy is being hailed as a hero. He says he used what he learned in Cub Scouts to save his teacher's life. The amazing young man explained to Eyewitness News how he reacted in an unusual situation with maturity well beyond his years. Kyle Forbes, 10, is no ordinary kid. Most everyone will agree upon that. But now he's being honored by his school and his Scout pack for springing into action Tuesday to save his teacher's life. For Hyde Elementary School teacher Sheri Lowe, every day teaching art class now is a gift. "He saved my life," said Lowe. It was about 10am Tuesday when she and Kyle were alone in her classroom. Lowe was eating an apple and choked. They showed us how he reacted. "And I was choking and he squeezed me like that twice. The first time it didn't work, so he goes, 'I got it, Mrs. Lowe.' And he does it again, and he does it exactly the right way and the apple came out," said Lowe. Kyle says he learned the Heimlich maneuver last year in Cub Scouts and that his dad reinforced the teaching. "I just knew what to do immediately and I just like hurried over there and did it exactly right," said Kyle. Lowe calls Kyle her hero, and it's a title he's happy to accept. "Let's get back to the interview about the hero thing," said Kyle. "I mean, that was the first time I've ever saved someone's life, in an accident. That's the first time I've ever done it." Kyle is autistic. He has a passion for learning and like any child he wants to fit in. "Before I was just like a normal kid, always being picked on. Then I was like a superhero. Everybody was cheering me when I came down to the office to get an award. Everyone clapped at me when I got back," said Kyle. Lowe wonders what would be today had Kyle not been with her. "He's in my prayers, and um, (to Kyle) tell me not to cry," said Lowe. "He is my hero." Kyle's father is quite proud of his son. He says this is proof that children with autism can do anything others can do and that they should never think otherwise. HOUSTON

Autism Lights

Marnol Scaggs - writer

Adam writes science fiction - and is very creative. His first novel is on Barnes and Nobel's website as a nook book - allowing everyone to read it exactly as he wrote it. Having autism hasn't stop this young man from pursuing his dreams. Go Adam! Here's his description of

"A young man exploring a rock formation discovers a clutch of dragon eggs. The young man and his friends bond with the dragon hatchlings and begin a journey. The journey begins when the young dragons and their riders are forced to deal with an alien menace. The alien menace is a race of insect like creatures bent on destroying the human colony on Eden." If you would like to get a copy, just click on the title.

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